Witness the economic and social innovations of Grameen Shakti, sister company of the Nobel Prize winning Grameen Bank.
Shakti masters the art of rural business, letting eight million people benefit from light, electricity and additional income.
Shakti is the vanguard model for tackling the enormous market of a billion villagers living far from the electric grid in developing countries.
Read about Shakti‘s inner mechanics, services, strategies and values—and understand its success.
Enjoy the lively, exotic stories
told by pioneers in Bangladesh.
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The author
Nancy Wimmer is an entrepreneur and advisor to the
World Council of Renewable Energy
She specializes in Microfinance and Rural Electrification.
Meet her at: www.microSOLAR.com

Nancy Wimmer and M.Yunus Nobel Laureate

Bangladesh has achieved what is desperately needed across the developing world: electric power for a large rural population. It built the largest off-grid PV market in the world.

It is a market like no other: starting from scratch, pioneering innovations, forming unique partnerships and serving millions of low income villagers.

This amazing story of breakthrough successes is told by the people who made it happen: The Marketmakers.

To be published June 2018

Concepts are prime tools to describe a technical system, an organization and the products and processes of an industrial domain. Models and designs use a myriad of concepts – some of them quite complex.

How to design concepts to describe artifacts like a clinic or a communications network? How to conceive a complex artifact – its many aspects, characteristics, structures and functions?

And if many concepts must fit together in one model like the pieces of a puzzle: How to design a tool kit of concepts?

This story tells the quest for concepts.


The story passes through the world of artificial intelligence, philosophy and organized crime. Meet gamblers, hackers, aesthetes, and a touch of genius—and be carried away.

A technological marvel seduces its creator, leaving him stranded inside Gödel‘s curse—the inevitable bane of complex systems.

Kalós kai agathós—Good & Beauty belong together. This ancient wisdom advances an intelligent machine exploring the world.

Deutsche Ausgabe  German language edition

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